Giving You the Cold Shoulder

I must admit that I can be aloof. In most instances my indifference is a reflection of my priorities.  If it doesn’t affect my pocket, my family; educate or support me, it is difficult for me to get it up. I am not Hollywood or dissing anyone. The only the cold shoulder I am giving is in this outfit.



My friend complained that everything this season is off the shoulder. She likes however it’s getting played out and I agree with her.  I really appreciate when someone owns and interprets a trend. I feel more comfortable with a cold shoulder more than off the shoulder. I’m busty and strap-less bras are tricky. This outfit is actually a body con dress pretending to be a body suit paired with a  skirt. I love waist belts however Kylie Jenner’s mutual love almost made me reconsider.  The dress is from ASOS, the skirt is from Eloquii, the shoes are from Penningtons and the belt if from H&M.

Photography by Rinath Maman

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