Kitten & Kimono: Spring 2017 Fashion Trend

The word “kimono”,  actually means a “thing to wear” (ki “wear” and mono “thing”). Spring 2017 Kimonos are the thing to wear!

There are many ways to style a kimono and I plan on wearing this one in several different ways.  For this post, I chose to wear it as a dress with a belt. I like the balance of defining my waist with a belt and the long tassel trim. My heel isn’t exactly a kitten heel, nevertheless, I intentionally styled this outfit with a short heel for easy sophistication. A kitten heel is short and slender whereas my heel is a lot thicker.

Obi Belt

A Obi belt is adapted from traditional Japanese fashion and worn with kimonos.  You tie an obi belt together rather than fasten it with a buckle. There are many types of obi, most for women: wide obi made of brocade and narrower, simpler obi for everyday wear. Even though my belt isn’t a obi, it  has influenced the way I styled my kimono.

Kimono Styling Tips

  • I suggest that you buy a kimono one size bigger than you normally wear; the more material the better.  It will make you look regal while being comfortable because the pattern or texture is the hero.
  • Any outfit that you would pair with a jeans jacket, replace it with a kimono.  It will make a casual outfit sophisticated, trendy and chic. Even sweat pants, a tank, baseball cap and flip-flops would look amazing with a Kimono!
  • Pair it with all-white. It let’s everyone know that summer is on its way.
  • Kimonos are the best way to dress up a basic/neutral summer dress or transition from work to an evening out. It is the blazer for spring.
  • Treat it like an umbrella and always have one handy just in case you get cold at night.
  • For my shorter gals you can opt for waist length version however I like the idea of wearing a long one. Just belt it and let is drag on the floor with killer heels for sexy club or date night outfit.

Photography by Rinath Maman

The kimono I am wearing is a  Melissa McCarthy piece from last season.  It isn’t available anymore but I am crushing on this one .  Zara has been killing it with their selection of kimonos. This trend is very inclusive. Both plus size and straight sized women look great in them regardless of your body type.

Here are some Pins to help you pick your perfect kimono as well as inspiration on how to style it.



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