Never Underestimate The Power of A Great Woman

My birthday is on March 17; St. Patrick’s Day. I am not Irish nor and I am lucky however, I am very fortunate. Please allow me to take a lil time to celebrate not only my birthday but the contributions of  a few great women like Nina Simone and Patrice Rushen.


Nina Simone

Nina Simone is an American singer, songwriter, pianist, arranger, and civil rights activist. Like myself, she is a Pisces and I do believe in astrology. My last name is Rhone and she died in Bouches-du-Rhône, France. The parallelism is weak but I tell myself that the connection is deeper and more significant.


Nina Simone Feeling Good

It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life
For me
And I’m feeling good

2017 has already proven to be a tumultuous year despite that,  I feel good and having this platform is the main reason. I am confident and  I work on myself by following the 10 commandments of self-love.   I have a few favourites but Young, Gifted and Black as well as Feeling Good are my tunes.

Below is a performance  of “Feeling Good” by Lauryn Hill on Jimmy Fallon in 2015.

Lauryn Hill – Feeling Good (Nina Simone Tribute… by FerrellSouza

Lauyrn Hill reminds of being in high school and finding myself.

Damn. If I were 17 again…

Patrice Rushen

My mother named me after Patrice Rushen. Patrice Rushen is a talented musician, composer and song writer but you probably know her for her disco hit “Forgets Me Nots”.

  • “Forget Me Nots” is heavily sampled in Will Smith’s 1997 hit “Men in Black.
  • She was the  musical director, guiding Janet Jackson’s Janet world tour ‎November 24, 1993-‎April 22, 1995.
  • She is the first woman to serve as musical director for the Grammy Awards.
  • She is a major influence on hip hop in the 1990’s.

Patrice Rushen  has probably made more money off of folks sampling her stuff than she made as an artist, in spite of that,  she is always and forever the original.

It is a all coincidence, nonetheless, my name makes for a great story. My birthday on St. Patrick’s Day; Patrice is french for Patrick and I am named after Patrice Rushen- a gifted and black woman. My mother unintentionally planned out my personal brand.



My mother is a key influence for my blog. My dress is a vintage piece from her. She was born in 1954 and I adore the fashion from heyday of the club Studio 54. She is a rock. I can go on and on about her.  She exemplifies what is means to be a leader through her guidance.

Irmis George  She is altruistic, funny and supportive. She gives to people even when she doesn`t have enough for herself. She is always the source of fun and energy at all social gatherings. Rest in peace.

Maureen Emmanuel She is a tireless woman who always opened her heart and home to those in need.  She was always there for my family. Rest in peace.  

Thank you ladies for setting a great example. Never Underestimate The Power of A Great Woman.

Photography by Gus Rodriguez 

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