The Art Of Blogging

This blog post isn’t going to provide business tips on how to monetize your blog.  Nor is this piece about improving your writing skills or pitching and landing brand collaborations.  Since  I am already providing disclaimers, this post will not include a list of resources, plugins, software, apps or anything of that sorta ting eh! I am brand new to blogging and creating content can be overwhelming.  The art of blogging is crafting a post, regardless of the topic, that is authentic and creative-at least it is for me.

Publishers & Media Brands

My vision is to put out content similar to XONecoleBlavity,  i-D or Teen Vogue I enjoy binge consuming these online magazines. They cover a breadth of topics such as  pop culture, fashion and current events. Admittedly, I compare myself to these publishers.  They have a team of staff and freelance writers, large budgets, photographers and other resources however, my resources won’t shadow my dedication and ambitions.


Is it a passion? A hobby? A business? Blogging brings me joy, nonetheless, it is definitely work chile.


“I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit!”-Erykah Badu


I adore Myleik Teele and she hosts one of my favourite podcasts. She talks a lot about being authentic and true to yourself. Since committing to this relationship aka blogging, I don’t let the internet rush me. This is how I keep myself in check.

  • I write for myself.
  • I love my readers.
  • I get ideas from my audience-other black and plus size women.
  • I am true to my voice-sarcastic down to the bone marrow.
  • I constantly learn and improve.
  • I try to keep it short.
  • I want to make my blog posts worth referencing.

I cannot write a blog post quickly enough to keep up with my thoughts. If you know me personally, you can attest to the plethora of topics I can weave into a conservation. Blogging is a mixture of art and science. My blog is bae.

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Photography by Gus Rodriguez 

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