The Canadian Tuxedo: Plus Size Jeans

In the early 2000’s all denim outfits were a club uniform and now the Canadian Tuxedo is back!  Head-to-toe denim was a BIG NO for a few years-a fashion faux pas. Now, there is something trendy and tacky about wearing all denim. As a  Canadian woman, I proudly wear my plus size jeans styled as a  Canadian Tuxedo!

Canadian Tuxedo

You have definitely seen it but here is what formal definition  of a Canadian Tuxedo

A Canadian Tuxedo refers to any outfit consisting of a denim jacket, with denim jeans.

The Canadian Tuxedo is more than fashion trend. Historically, denim was a social signifer.

Denim and Class

In 1951 Crosby and his friend wanted to check into a swanky Vancouver hotel. Staffers at a hotel denied them entry. Why? They were wearing denim. During this era, North America  was obsessed with the suburbs, picket fences and men in grey flannel suits. A suit was a representation of socio- economic stability. Denim on the other hand was work wear and was functional- not fashionable.  Levis heard of this and sent Crosby a specially made all denim tuxedo.


Levi’s was my first retail job and that’s where I learned about denim. I wish I had picture of me in the early 2000’s. Brittney Spears  inspired ultra low 3 inch zipper jeans. How did I manage?!  I am  curvy but I wasn’t always plus-size. Not all plus size women are curvy.

Britney Spears in low rise denim

Plus size jeans

When I think of early 2000’s and denim Ginuwine’s come to mind. “In those Jeans” is a banger and I have convinced myself that he was singing about plus size jeans.

In Those Jeans by Ginuwine on VEVO.


Looking good plenty tight
Is there room, any more room for me
In those jeans
Really thick, like I like it
Tell me is there any more room for me
In those jeans

Plus size jeans are difficult to shop for.

  • A significant portion of plus retail options are online. I LOVE shopping online but not for denim. I prefer to try it on because the a wash or texture of denim can affect sizing.
  • With the insurgence of online fast fashion brands, quality and sizing can be a major concern.
  • Stretch in many cases is used to overcompensate for fit.
  • Plus size jeans with too much stretch can look cheap.
  • Jeans with too much stretch will fit but lose their shape within a few hours of wear.

A good pair of plus size jeans isn’t a unanimous vote. I am tall- 5’10 with an hour glass figure so my fit concerns are not the same as someone who has apple figure.

My Favourite Jeans

By far my favorite jeans to date are Melissa McCartney (this is not  a sponsored post but I wish it was because I ADORE her jeans).  I am wearing this pair and I bought them from Penningtons. The skinny jean still reigns however, this flared jean though!

Please let me know other recommendations! Sharing is caring!

I am want to try Fashionnova and Slink.



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