Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes of Fame

Andy Warhol made a keen observation when he said, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”.  Presently, many achieve or attempt to gain fame online or on social media. There are a multitude of fashion blogs and now plus size blogs. Is 54 du Rhone my attempt of getting my 15 mins of fame?  Simply put, no.


Andy Warhol & Advertising

Andy Warhol reinterpreted and turned iconic American brand packaging like Coca-Cola bottles into art. I however, relate more to the dance-hall artist Simpleton and woman he deejayed about in Coca Cola Bottle Shape. Art and advertising are reflections of what society values and consequently, anything or anyone who is not considered valuable is erased. I critique advertising and in many instances, I do this unintentionally.  Too many campaigns negate women of colour and plus size women. I occupy both of these spaces and the limited representation is problematic.

Art & Advertising

Advertising is a form of art and many underestimate the power in creating images. Art is so diverse. The subject is appreciated for their beauty or emotional power. My friend created an illustration-art from an image of me from this blog post. The illustration captures my love for bright colours, patterns and texture as well as showcases my complexion.

I rarely see women of my complexion in ads so when I seen Lancôme ads with Lupita Nyong’o I felt empowered.  Brands for too long have gotten away with ignoring women of colour as well as plus size women. I hope to influence brands to reflect diversity in body types, sizes, ethnicities and complexions.

This blog is my platform and I want my “15 minutes of fame” to provoke change. This blog is not about fame instead it about inclusion and representation.   I want to create a seat at the table for woman who usually left standing.

This is the first of a 3 part series dedicated to Studio 54. My mother was born in 1954 and coincidentally, I adore the fashion from heyday of the club Studio 54 hence the name of the blog 54durhone.  

Photography by Rinath Maman.

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